Mote for connection

Build empathy
and connection

Build classroom connection between students and teachers

Use your unique voice

Empower students to express their ideas and experiences in their own voice with Mote, fostering connection and empathy among classmates.

Build trust and rapport

Build positive relationships with students using Mote's personal communication tools, which help students feel respected and appreciated.

Develop spoken confidence

Develop students' spoken confidence through Mote's audio discussion tools, creating an engaging and supportive learning environment.

Transform student
learning with Mote

We believe learning should be personal, diverse, and empowering. That's why our product is designed with this in mind

Our customers love Mote 💜

Mote helps my students better understand my explanations; they also appreciate the fact that they can hear it.

Scott Earl - English Teacher

What a wonderful way to be authentic and be culturally inclusive with the translation. Amazing!

Nicole Reynolds - Tech Director

I can answer over 100 notifications a day! It's been an efficient way to provide daily communication with my students.

Karina Quilantan - Media Specialist

With Mote, students get a more personalised and sincere connection to my comments.

@AcademicBatgirl - Professor

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Record anywhere

Use our Chrome Extension for seamless recording within your favourite tools

Quick and simple

Install Mote with just the click of a few buttons. Once you're up and running, the interface is intuitive for all learners

Effortless transcription

Turn your voice into written text in seconds with our voice-to-text feature. Whether providing feedback or jotting down notes, you'll save tonnes of time.

Translate into over 44 languages

With support for over 44 languages, you can communicate with learners in their preferred language helping them feel more engaged in learning.

React with emojis

Add a personal touch using emoji reactions. Respond to work with a selection of expressive emojis which help you connect with your students.

Stay in the loop

Mote's activity view lets you see when students have opened or listened to your feedback - providing essential insight into helping you stay informed.

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