Empowering everyone to become great asynchronous communicators.

Since 2020 we've been on a mission to make communication easier and more effective for educators and students across the world. We're thrilled to have reached over 1 million users in 100 different countries, with 10,000 schools using Mote. At Mote, we believe that everyone should have the tools they need to communicate well, no matter where they are or what time it is.

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Mote’s founders, CTO Alex Nunes and CEO Will Jackson

How it started

In 2019 Mote's founders, Alex Nunes and Will Jackson, were working remotely on various projects, when they became convinced that voice messaging would be really powerful for workplace communication and collaboration, if certain user experience challenges could be overcome.

In January 2020, they started work on Mote, and launched the first beta version of the Chrome extension in March 2020.

Where we're headed

Our mission is to empower everyone - especially educators and learners - to become great asynchronous communicators.

Voice messaging is a fantastic tool for asynchronous communication, but it's not the only great way to communicate. We're building more tools that can help educators, learners and - ultimately - anyone become a better asynchronous communicator.

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