Mote Teacher’s Book Recommendations 

Mote Teacher’s Book Recommendations 

Guest post from Mote Community Leader - Eleni Kyritsis, Deputy Head of Junior School in Melbourne Australia.

Looking for a fresh perspective on what books to dive into this summer? Well our Mote Community Leader Eleni has created a fun and engaging way for teachers to share their book recommendations with each other and we want YOU to get involved.

It's super easy to participate, just attach a photo of your recommended book and a selfie to our Google Slide template. Then, using the Mote extension, record yourself sharing a snippet of why it's a great read.

Think of it like a book club meets social media challenge, with a dash of friendly competition thrown in for good measure. Who can recommend the most exciting book? Who can give the most convincing pitch? The possibilities are endless!

Join us and submit your book recommendation below!

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