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Why is a game changer!

Have you ever wanted to capture voice notes on the move - maybe as a record of something awesome you’ve seen in a lesson drop-in or perhaps you’ve noticed something around the campus and want to quickly capture an audio snippet!

Are there members of your learning community without access to Google Chrome and/or extensions but still want to jump aboard the Mote boat to start typing less and talking more?

You are going to love 🚀

Our new easy to use web recorder has already proven a huge win for many. Take a look at these 5 reasons why faculty and students all over the world are heading over to

No Chrome? No worries!

We 💜 Google Chrome and are proud to be available to all for free through the Chrome Web Store. However, we know that not everyone uses Chrome...

With our new web recorder, anyone can start to record voice notes, simply by heading over to

Split screen on iPad

Working on iPad is great - it's such an awesome tool for creativity. What's not easy is voice capture AND sharing to Google Classroom/other LMS platforms.

Using Mote's web recorder, this is made possible and demonstrated in the picture below.

Split screen on iPad

You're moving quickly through the school and spot something awesome happening but don't have time to write it down!

Mote has the answer: our audio recorder works on any device - bookmark the page and/or save it to your desktop for even easier access!

Restrictions over extension management?

We work with lots of fantastic schools from all over the world. Extension approval can take time.

Worry no more! means that no longer is an extension required for members of your school to jump aboard the Mote boat!

Mobile voice in practical subjects

As a former PE teacher, I didn't carry round a computer with me onto the sports field! I was able to carry a mobile device to capture video. Now I can use this same device to capture audio without the need for any app installation!

Visit from any device to quickly record voice notes that can later be accessed from your school issued computer!

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